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At Looya, we have the industry experience, the loyalty thought leadership  and the adequate technology to deliver the best in-class softwares.

looya cloud loyalty management system

Management System

Our cloud loyalty platform enables clients to take control of their loyalty program in real time. Our API makes integration seamless with your legacy IT system. Our loyalty management system includes the following features:
  • Campaign Management
  • Accrual Engine
  • Redemption Engine
  • Data Analytics
  • Communication Module
  • Multi-tiers program

Travel Redemption Portal

Our Travel Portal offers customers the opportunity to book flights and hotels online with over 750 airlines and 1,000 hotels.

There is no blackout date or hidden taxes! It is a secure, fully responsive and modular travel portal designed with a user-friendly and rich UI. Whether customers pay with points, cash, or a mix of both, their tickets will be issued as fully paid and they benefit from the same boarding rights as any other passenger.


Online Redemption Store

Our redemption store offers customers the unique opportunity to redeem their points online for a selection of products and have them delivered to their preferred address.

The Online Store is secure, responsive and continuously growing. It gives access to thousands of products across key categories. It is highly customizable and accessible across all devices; the reward catalogue and pricing can be tailored to match your customers’ profile.

We work with both local and international suppliers to offer relevant and attainable gifts that appeal to the targeted client segments. Upon checkout, members are given the option to pay for their cart, either in points, cash, or a mix of the two using an intuitive point/currency slider.


Mobile Application

Our LMS mobile extension offers customers access to check their loyalty account, transaction history, e-coupons, and redemption store, directly from their preferred mobile device.

Customer Segmentation Engine

The RFM (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) score indicates your customers’ activity:
  • Customers who have purchased from you recently are more likely to buy from you again.
  • Customers who buy from you more often are more likely to buy again than customers who buy infrequently.
  • Customers who spend more are more likely to buy again than customers who spend less.

The RFM score will help your reward program by increasing your customers’ lifetime value and attracting members who will remain loyal to your business and its strengths.


Dashboard & Analytics

In order to identify customer clusters efficiently, and help predict defections accurately, the LMS we offer at Looya boasts an RFM calculator module that can handle multiple scoring schemes.

This means that in addition to a general RFM score, customers can be scored according to other dimensions such as demographics, value segments, behavioral attributes and purchase preferences.


Rewards KIOSK

Loyalty kiosks increase customer engagement with your brand.

The kiosk serves your customers with a user-friendly display where they can check-in, earn points, connect with your social media platforms, and redeem.

End-to-end loyalty program tailor-made just for you.

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