Design, Manage and Train

A Well thought-out loyalty customer strategy and incentive schemes to effectively retain your customer and grow your business.

looya loyalty program design

Program design


Designing a loyalty program is subject to many factors that should be considered when seeking to develop an optimal customer strategy.
We target your loyalty challenge based on the organization readiness, marketplace, the socio-economic performance, customer behaviors, and other industry specific considerations.
This vision is at the heart of our loyalty design and development and we believe that creating customer strategies is key for both the short-term implementation and the long-term sustainability. Our roadmap includes a benchmarking and competitive analysis, a go-to-market strategy, an appropriate technological setup, and a modular execution plan.


Your customers will be engaged with your loyalty program across all touch points, from earning to redeeming the points they collect.

In every step of the customer journey, we study two main factors: the channels and communication tools.


A successful loyalty program is the fruit of a well-structured framework. At Looya, we draw your blueprint as follows:
  • Design enrolment process, tiers and migration rules
  • Design earn rules and give back ratios
  • Define redemption options and redemption rates
  • Set points expiry rules
  • Develop business case and calculate ROI


We will help you develop your program branding (name, logo, and slogan) as well as your loyalty communication strategy.

This includes your CRM-based marketing, your digital/mobile marketing (social media channels design and development), your creative services, and retail program development.

At Looya, we also provide you with a website and mobile application design and development to support your program.


Program Management


Our Loyalty Health Check is a methodical approach to quantify your current program effectiveness, and measure its added value to both your customers and your business.
The Loyalty Health Check will assess the current program by:
  • Measuring performance against the competitiveness of the program in the marketplace
  • Conducting a SWOT Analysis
  • Offering recommendations accordingly
  • Operations Outsourcing

Running a loyalty program could be challenging and time consuming. We offer you the option to outsource your loyalty program management to us. We tailor our proprietary operational model to meet your needs. Options include offshoring, and in-house resources.


Employee Engagement

Our engagement programs drive your employees to perform at higher levels, stay dedicated contributors, and become advocates of your company.

We design an employee-centric program based on your staff’s performance and product knowledge. You will be able to reward your employees with points (flexible earning schemes) that are redeemable from the Looya online store.


Loyalty training services

At Looya, we also care about enriching your staff’s loyalty knowledge in order to increase its value in their mind-set.

Our loyalty training services include integrated campaigns, meetings, conferences and events that will grant you the industry-specific know-how for improving your loyalty sales and development.



Supporting other startups is part of our vision.

Often times startups have unique and disruptive business models, while the need to attract and retain customers being a top priority. Specific incentive programs can help boost startups market share grab significantly. Looya can help you design the perfect incentive scheme for your business model. Startups benefit from our competitive packages to help in acquiring and retaining users faster.

Our end-to-end loyalty program,
tailor-made just for you.

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